Cleaning Packages

Please note that the description of hours in the titles of the packages are a outline of roughly how long this will take. This does not mean that I stay at the property for that entire time - I will thoroughly complete all tasks at hand that are described in the packages.

If you would like me to be at the property on a hourly basis please book in for custom cleans which are charged at $35 per hour. 


Bathroom & Toilets =1 hours =$30

-showers & baths





General Clean = 2 hours = $60




-wipe down surfaces


Spring Clean = 4 hours = $120




-oven clean

-cleaning of fans

-skirting boards


-cleaning of dishwasher (must be empty)

-can change Linen if requested

-air conditioning filters cleaned

-spot cleaning of walls


Vacuum, Mop & Wipe down =1 hour =$30



-spot clean walls

-wipe down bench tops


Wash, Dry & Fold Clothes

  • Drop off and collect from Springfield lakes $15 a basket
  • Me to collect and drop back to you $20 a basket


Bond Cleans


Thorough bond cleans to ensure the property passes the real estate inspection, garunteed so if need be we will return free of charge! Fully insured with ABN, invoice will be provided.


1 bed 1 bath = $250

2 bed 1 bath =$300

3 bed 1 bath =$350

3 bed 2 bath =$400

4 bed 1 bath =$450

4 bed 2 bath =$500

5 bed 2 bath= $600


Custom Jobs -$35 an hour

If you are requiring me to assist in anything outside of these packages I can help, whether you need help organising your kitchen cupboards, your children’s toys or any random jobs I can help. Minimum of 2 hours is required to Book!